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Discover the Health Benefits of Australian Active Honey

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So, what exactly makes our honey so rare, so active and taste so good?

Western Australian Wilderness Produces the World's Most Active Honey

Western Australian forests, particularly those rich in Jarrah, Marri, and Desert Mallee trees, are renowned for producing some of the most active honey in the world due to several key factors: Biodiversity, Unique Flora endemic to WA, Unique soil composition, Pristine Environment, Climate and dedication to sustainable beekeeping practises.

One of Two Healthy Bee Populations in the World.

Western Australia remains free from several significant bee diseases and pests, making ours one of only two healthy bee populations in the world.

Without the pests and diseases that ravage the rest of the world’s bees, our beekeeping operations remain chemical free. Healthy, happy bees make excellent honey!

Raw & Cold-processed for Natural Purity

Our Australian Active Honey undergoes cold-processing to uphold its natural purity and potent bioactivity. With healthy, disease free bee populations, we can maintain the integrity of the honey, preserving its beneficial enzymes, antioxidants and bio-activity. Minimal heat exposure safeguards the honey's potency, ensuring consumers receive its full range of health benefits.


We are proudly Western Australian owned, sourcing all products from remote Western Australian forests. Honey For Life follows B-QUAL best practice standards and some of our honey are organically certified by the Organic Food Chain company.

We have distribution centres in the UK which means we can get our honey to you in a few days!


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