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Our Marri honey collection this year has exceeded all expectations and we have been rewarded with a rare TA50+ rating. We are pleased to share this incredibly potent and delicious honey with you and hope that you love it as much as we do!

PROVENANCE | Flowering Eucalyptus Marri trees are one of 6 forest giants endemic to the south-west of Western Australia.  Marri trees (also known as Red Gums) are recognized for their deep red sap and enchanting white and pink blossoms. Marri trees bloom annually which means a consistent and reliable source of honey nearly every year.

HEALTH BENEFITS | Super Marri Honey is a rich source of antioxidants and boasts remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. It is also one of the few honeys that can claim Low GI, making it easier to adsorb and a healthier sweetening option too.

TASTING NOTES | This honey has a vibrant balance of rich raisin-led dried fruit flavours, which evolve to a fruit-toffee sweetness and leave a smooth toasted caramel finish.

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS | Marri honey is a superb sweetener for cocktails or drinks. The honey's fruit-forward and confectionary-like profile perfectly complements spirits like whiskey or rum. Like our other Eucalypt Honey, Marri honey goes perfectly drizzled over your favourite breakfast, dessert, or as a daily dose straight from the spoon.   WA's largest Coffee Roasters also chose Marri as the best Coffee sweetener - be sure to add it after the milk to ensure you also keep the honey's health benefits!

What is Total Activity?

Total Activity is the measurement of the honey's anti-microbial quality, it's anti-microbial strength in killing bacteria. Any honey with a TA rating higher than 10+ has beneficial antimicrobial properties. The larger the TA number, the stronger the antimicrobial effect level of the honey.

Total Activity Rating = 50+

Total Activity TA Manuka MGO Strength Rating
10+ 250+ Mild
20+ 800+ Strong
30+ 1000+ Very Strong
40+ 1250+ Extreme
50+ 1500+ Super

Harvest Location

Honey Profile

Harvest Location

Close to the country town of Lesley, Western Australia

Tasting Notes

This honey has a vibrant balance of rich raisin-led dried fruit flavours, which evolve to a fruit-toffee sweetness and leave a smooth toasted caramel finish.

0.00% Glyphosate (No Trace Amount)

0.00% test result received from Analytica Laboratories (Auckland, New Zealand)

0.00% Antibiotics (No Trace Amount)

0.00% test result received from Intertek Laboratories (Bremem, Germany)

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Abdul R.
United Kingdom

Sweet & Rich

The taste is like no other. I'd say this is my favourite out of the collection.

Campbell D.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Super Honey

The Super Marri honey really tastes nice. It’s sweet and smooth and slightly more viscous (runny) than Jarrah honey. Overall it’s great stuff and Honey for Life are a great supplier