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Discover the essence of our Raw Bio-active Jarrah Honey TA35+, sourced from the lush Jarrah forests near Dwellingup, Western Australia, Australia. Blooming once every two years, the cream-colored Jarrah blossoms yield a sumptuous medium to dark amber honey, characterized by a deep and intricate flavour profile, lower in glucose compared to other varieties.

Elevate your overall wellness and strengthen your natural defences with the healing properties of high TA35+ Active Jarrah Honey from Honey For Life. With its amber-like hue and luxuriously thick, syrupy texture, this honey offers a deeply satisfying experience for those who relish rich, caramel-like flavours.

Featuring one of the industry's top Total Activity (TA) ratings, this honey is an excellent addition to your daily routine, especially during times when your immune system needs reinforcement, such as the winter season, periods of frequent travel, or during busy life phases.

Distinguished by higher fructose content and low GI, this honey remains smooth and runny without crystallizing. Enjoy it drizzled over granola, added to warm beverages, or savoured straight from the spoon. Embrace the delightful taste and immune-boosting properties of Medicinal Jarrah honey for a nourishing daily experience.

Buy Jarrah Honey Today - with super quick delivery straight to your door.

What is Total Activity?

Total Activity is the measurement of the honey's anti-microbial quality, it's anti-microbial strength in killing bacteria. Any honey with a TA rating higher than 10+ has beneficial antimicrobial properties. The larger the TA number, the stronger the antimicrobial effect level of the honey.

Total Activity Rating = 30+

Total Activity TA Manuka MGO Strength Rating
10+ 250+ Mild
20+ 800+ Strong
30+ 1000+ Very Strong
40+ 1250+ Extreme
50+ 1500+ Super

Harvest Location

Honey Profile

TA Rating


Harvest Location

Dwellingup State Forests, Western Australia

Tasting Notes

A deep complex and strong combination of malty, minerally, floral and tangy flavours. This is a darker strong tasting honey.

0.00% Glyphosate (No Trace Amount)

0.00% test result received from Analytica Laboratories (Auckland, New Zealand)

0.00% Antibiotics (No Trace Amount)

0.00% test result received from Intertek Laboratories (Bremem, Germany)

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Abidah J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Love this honey

Have been using this almost daily, sometimes just a teaspoon or on toast. The taste is delicious and general well-being is good.

Graham B.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Jarrah honey TA35+

Smooth order process and quick delivery. Very impressed with new custom packaging. This honey has a delicious rich flavour which i love.

Peter S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Great Honey

This is my favourite honey was using Manuka but actually prefer this honey. Highly recommend.

Andrew L.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Delicious and distinctive

Great very different from a 'traditional' store honey with significant health benefits

Terence F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Jarrah honey

It is the finest honey on the market. It beats Manuka hands down.

Kevin J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Wonderful product & Service

Love the Jarrah Honey, taste and texture. Been taking it when I feel flu or cold symptoms or just feeling a bit lousy & believe this helps to ward off illnesses.

Michael C.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

I am trying jarrah honey because I have emphysema and lung fungi infection plus psudonomus however I’ve been using manuka honey up to date ,and found jarrah much much easier to take and it tastes delicious like malt , I’m hoping it has all the anti bacteria affects promised in your add , so far so good if I find it to be helpful to lung issues I will be buying on a regular basis

julie h.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Delicious honey

I bought this for my grandson who has a dairy intolerance. Quite soothing for his tummy. He loves it.

Diane S.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Game changer!

Wouldn’t buy anything else. Better than manuka honey.

Susan F.
United Kingdom United Kingdom


Having bought this honey for my grandchildren I was so impressed with the quality of the product. It has been a life saver over the flu and cold months